You’ve seen all the content for today. Come back later for daily uploaded content! is the contribution from students of class Olaf Nicolai to this year’s annual exhibition of AdBK Munich.

It shows individual content which merges into a collection of materials of texts, sounds, video clips, photos, etc. None of it claims to be an autonomous work but offers an insight into a variety of interests that the individuals of the collective “class” deal with. In order to transfer the digital reception back into the analog world, the web presentation is offering the possibility to print out selected contents via a printer placed in the classroom Nicolai at AdBK Munich.

We’re looking forward to getting together with you on the 21st of October at 7pm, in room A.EG.19, in order to have a look at our joint printed matter.

Contributions: Atena Alaie, Simona Andrioletti, Seunghoon Baek, David Baumann, Juliana Boller, Jakob Braito, Irena Djukanovic, Sarah Doerfel, Leon Eixenberger, Ophelia Flassig, Lena Grossmann, Jonas Höschl, Juyoung Kim, Raphael Krome, Jan Dominik Kudla, Florian Kuhn, Amelie Lössl, Maria Margolina, Filippo Marzocchi, Elisabeth Pletzer, Mathias Reitz Zausinger, Riccardo Rudi, Maximilian Schachtner, Patrik Thomas, Florian Westphal, Giulia Zabarella, Ranran Zhu

Thanks to Julia Maier and Olaf Nicolai

Frontend design: Riccardo Rudi
Implementation: Giovanni Frigo